Recruiting-Market yourself to play volleyball

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This post is part of our recruiting series to help you(players, parents and coaches) to navigate the recruiting process and market yourself to college coaches. In this post, we are covering the topic “marketing yourself.” There are several things that you should be doing to market yourself to college coaches.

Lets here Natalie and Alyssa from UNLV volleyball talk about their recruiting experiences and how they marketed themselves to play college volleyball.

Here are key points from the video
– Contacting College coaches EARLY
– Contact schools that you are interested in
– Be excited when you are playing, coaches are watching

What are you doing to market yourself to play college volleyball?
Have you started to market yourself yet? What information should I send? Where do I start?

these are just a few questions we will be answering in our posts this club season. We will be sending out information each week accompanied by our interview(s) with college players (division 1,2,3, NAIA and JC players) talking about their journey to getting a scholarship and providing you advice on things you should be doing now to help you get that coveted
college scholarship.

As you heard Natalie, the showcase works. It was a major step in her getting her scholarship.
A big step in the right direction is attending our showcase(s) before the major club tournaments.

Here’s our 2017 Schedule for volleyball showcases this coming club season
Feb 17 – Omaha (Asics Presidents Day Classic)
Feb 17 – Las Vegas (before Las Vegas Classic)
Mar 03 – Denver (before Crossroads)
Mar 09 – Denver (before Crossroads)
Mar 16 – Nashville (before Music City Volleyball Championships)
Mar 23 – Spokane (before Northwest Qualifier)
Mar 30 – Atlanta (before Big South)
Apr – Las Vegas (befor Los Angeles Qualifier0

Each year we sell out so be sure to get registered. REGISTER HERE

Now is the time to start reaching out to college coaches about your interest. Don’t wait until February.

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Recruiting-Market yourself to play volleyball | National Volleyball Showcase