At Biokats, we want to provide parents and participants with key information on their training, recruiting, choosing a major and much more. This section contains links and other helpful information for parents



Here’s a great page with videos on the recruiting process. I have put together a collection of videos to help parents and player through the recruiting process. CLICK HERE to check them out


Each year, we hear from parents and players that they are having a hard time choosing a college major. We’ve put together a simple Myers-Briggs tests for the players. It’s a simple test to help them figure out what they may want to major in. Just because you are good at something(i.e. taking out the trash, or cleaning your room) doesn’t necessarily mean you want to make a career out of it. The Myers-Briggs teast is a great place to start. This test was specifically designed for young people. It’s only 32 questions and you will also learn something about yourself.

This should help you start moving in the right direction.

– Myers-Briggs test for students: FREE

This is a one test that can help you look at different careers.
This link is in your player profile


As you participate in our programs, we provide resources to the athletes, parents and coaches.
Here’s a sample of our Recruiting information: This is the first of 11 videos to help parents on recruiting. We also provide a recruiting guide that goes along with the video series.

Inside Recruiting Video

We provide great information on Recruiting Process, Choosing a Major/Career, How to prepare for a college visit, A checklist for parents/athletes to go through and much more.

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