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Biokats Sports Network was formed in 2003 to help Educate, Prepare, and Showcase athletes to play at the next level. We are not a recruiting service. We are coaches who know there is a better, and more cost effective, way to finding the best college for you and your athlete. We are helping athletes and their families by educating, preparing, and showcasing athletes to play at the next level. We do provide information to parents/players/coaches on the recruiting process to help you navigate through the process.

Attending one of our events affords you more than a 30-second glance on the way to another court or field. You will get evaluated by college coaches and scouts for the duration of the event session – all in one place.


One of the biggest challenges for many athleres is to get seen by a college coach. Your high school season is the same season as most college coaches. Very rarely does a college coach attend a high school game unless it’s very close to their campus. There are too many conflicts with their practice and game schedule that makes it very difficult to get seen.

As athletes who play club or high school sports, you pay alot of money to play club(or you can’t afford club in your sport). If you are playing club sport, you travel to regional and national events to get seen. You may attend several national events where there are 500 or more coaches in attendance. However, are they watching your son or daughters team? In most cases, the answer is “NO”. Our coaches have attended many National tournaments and big playoff game and seen teams that did not have a college coach on their court/field at all.


The purpose of our event is to be a catalyst for the recruiting process. During a club or high school game, you may only get a few touches, hits, tackles or may not even be in the game when a college scout comes by to watch you. At our event, you get lots of reps. You will go through some drills for your specific sport so college coaches can see what you can do as well as play in controlled games. College coaches want to see you play.

It’s a great event for a fraction of the cost of summer/club volleyball. Since 2003, we have helped over 10,000 athletes. That’s pretty impressive when you look at a high school or club coach is helping maybe 10-20 girls per year. Well you do the math. This is what makes Biokats unique.


The best way to to reach us is by sending an email to “info@biokats.com”. If you really need to speak with a person, you can call our office: 303-604-6083. Because we travel quite a bit, email is much easier to reach us. We will do our best to get back with you in 24 hours.

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