Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


This is a great resource to help answer any questions you might have about our showcase or organization.


Q: Why should I attend your showcase?

EXPOSURE before club tournament play gets you on the coaches’ recruiting radar earlier. If you are looking for more offers or the right offer, our event is the place to be.

COST-EFFECTIVE event programming means our event is ONLY $80.

COMPETE against the best players in your region. Where do you stand among the best?

PREFERRED showcase of four-year schools – a claim supported by attendance of over 500 college coaches in 2016.

CONTROLLED numbers of athletes per session per court ensures you get maximum exposure and touches in an event. Limitless “cattle calls” at other events reduce your playing time, touches, and exposure to coaches’ eyes.

PEER-TO-PEER GUIDANCE and assistance from current and former college-level athletes working our events.

FREE resources including our “Inside Recruiting Booklet” and videos on the recruiting process. ($99 value)


WATCH this video to see why National Volleyball Showcase is unique



Q: How do I register for an event?

A: Go to the “Registration” menu at the top of the web page. This will drill you through the registration process. When you register, you will receive an email confirming your registration as well as information to access your profile.


Q: Player perspective of an event?

A: Here are two videos featuring players sharing their perspective of National Volleyball Showcase.

(For more player perspectives, CLICK HERE )


Q: What do college coaches look for at a recruiting showcase? 

A: Here is a short video sharing insight regarding that question: CLICK HERE


Q: I registered but have not seen an email from you confirming my reservation.

A: We have sent it. Please check the junk mail folder. Also in your email program, allow emails from biokats.com. This will help ensure you receive email updates from us.


Q: Do college coaches attend your event?

A: Yes. Here’s a link showing past college coaches. As you can see, we have well over 1,000.

And they keep coming back because we offer them great event to recruit.

When coaches register for an event, we due diligence to ensure they are arriving in time for the showcase. We provide them with a packet and allow them to recruit. We do not guarantee how long they will stay at the showcase. That is out of our control. We also do not guarantee numbers of coaches attending. We do not monitor college coaches travel plans.

Q. What is the difference between NVS Showcase and other showcases?

A: Big difference. 1. we control our session numbers. 2. We actually measure athletes and provide athletic information to coaches. 3. There are no HIDDEN fees 4. We are preffered showcase of college coaches.

Q: How do I access my profile?

A. Go to your profile login HERE. There are instructions regarding how to log in. 


Q: Do you allow walkups?

A. IF we have a session that is not filled, we will allow walk-ups. Preregistration is preferred.


Q: What makes National Volleyball Showcase different than other events?


We believe that every player should have an opportunity to get evaluated.
We believe that there is a college for most players any any level
We believe in helping make dreams a reality.

Our goal is to help your players find the best college fit for them. Not just playing volleyball at any college but finding the best school where they can get their degree and play volleyball.

Here’s a great article describing the difference – CLICK HERE

A few other points. We were the first to put on a volleyball showcase geared towards helping athletes gain exposure. We are very passionate about helping young athletes reaching their goals. (Read the story about our founder and his journey.) We control our session numbers so the girls get maximum touches and repetitions. We provide very useful resources and information to parents and athletes for FREE. We continue to innovate and provide to college coaches what they want to see.

Our success in being useful over the years has been tremendous – which may be validated by the fact that other groups have attempted to mimic our events. Be careful of groups that have HIDDEN fees like blog subscriptions required to attend events. BEWARE of groups that have cattle-calls with too many girls. It is a waste of money. We are flattered that many groups are trying to copy us. However, we know that has caused some confusion in the marketplace. Biokats will continue operating with a sincere vision to Educate, Prepare and Showcase student-athletes.

Q: Are parents allowed in the gym/workout area?

A. Sorry. At many of our events, there is not enough space for college coaches, players and also parents. Parents are able to attend our information seminars about the recruiting process.


Q: What is the difference between a volleyball combine and your volleyball showcase?

A: A combine is strictly a measurement event: height, reach, touch, etc. College coaches do not usually attend combines because they want to see you play. Do not waste your money on little return of exposure. Our volleyball showcase provides college coaches with the measurement information they want AND reveals your skills and player character during controlled live play sessions. I have yet to meet a college coach that finds value in budgeting her/his time to scout a player that is only doing drills or measurements. They want to see you play. And we provide that format.


Q: Which measurements and numbers interest the college coaches?

A: There are only a few measurement numbers that interest college coaches. They are your height, touch, grade point average/test scores, and your volleyball IQ.

  • Height   Volleyball – like basketball – is a competition where more length increases your chance of success at certain positions.
  • Touch   This is a combination of your reach and your vertical jump. Division 1 coaches seek players recording a touch score of 9’6″ or better. Elite players touch 10.′ This is just one aspect of evaluating a player. Each college program has different filters and needs.
  • GPA/Test Scores   These are very important. The higher they are – the better your chances at earning scholarships – especially academic scholarships. Make sure you get it done in the classroom.
  • Volleyball IQ   This is how well you know and play the game. Measuring it is tough, but coaches like high volleyball IQs and know a good player when they see one.


Q: If I come to your event, will I get an athletic scholarship?

A. That really depends on you and what college coaches need at the time. We do not have athletic scholarships to offer. Only the colleges and universities do. Beware of recruiting organizations that are selling you on a college scholarship.


Q: How did National Volleyball Showcase start?

A: We started as a training company in 2002 running local events to help our athletes to gain exposure. When we opened it up to kids from other communities and regions, the positive feedback enlightened and inspired us. The college coaches and athletes loved the unique opportunity to evaluate while the athletes and parents enjoyed the more intimate, personal marketing option. We discovered there was a bigger need in helping athletes with exposure, so we expanded our services to aid student-athletes in multiple regions around the country.


If you still have a question, please email us: volleyball@biokats.com. We want to ensure you have the information you need.


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