Q. How do I purchase tickets for the game?
A. You can purchase tickets online or at the gate on game day.



Q. How are players selected?
A. Players are selected by the media. Players are selected by performance and skill regardless of age, grade or classification. The media (state newspapers and TV outlets) select the players.

Q. How long has The Show been running?

A. The Show was started in 2001 by the Denver Nuggets to showcase the Top 20 boys and girls basketball players. In 2016, Biokats Sports Network took over this prestigious event to continue its tradition.

Q. Do you accept nominations from High School coaches?

A. Yes. We encourage high school coaches to submit nominations. Its best to have your local media representative nominate your player.

Q. Will the event be a live broadcast on the internet?

A. Yes. We stream our event live over the internet. We use StreamItSports (Denver, CO) to stream the event.


Q. How do Athletes confirm their nomination to The Show?

A. Its best to send an email or text to the director who contacted you. If you are not sure, send an email to: theshow@biokats.com

Q. How can I get on the Show watchlist?

A. Its best for your coach, league representative or media outlet to nominate you.